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What You Need to Know to Do a Reverse Address Look up Using a Phone Number

Perhaps you have a phone number and you want to know the owner's current address. Maybe the phone number is that of an ex-partner you want to track down or an old high school friend or family member with whom you have lost touch. Or maybe you or a loved one is a victim of an annoying or threatening prank caller. No matter why you need to find out the person's address, you can do a reverse address look up search by simply typing the phone number into a reverse phone directory website.

So How Do I Do a Reverse Address Look up?

Just follow these three easy steps to complete your reverse address look up:

STEP 1  -  Type in the phone number into your search engine of choice (e.g. Yahoo, Google, MSN).

Enter the area code plus the seven digit phone number into the search engine box and click Search! Make sure you don't skip this step because if it is a landline number, it will likely be listed in the public domain and you will retrieve the name and address info instantly and for free! So if you are lucky enough to get results, your search can stop there. But if you do not get the information you need at this point, you can assume that the number is either an unlisted number or a mobile number. You will then need to use a slightly different tactic.

STEP 2  -  Find a provider's directory website where you can do a reverse address look up.

A reverse address look up provider offers people like you and me access to databases containing hundreds of millions of phone numbers that even private investigators use. But with several providers with directories online, how do you know if one is better than another? Which directory will provide the most accurate information quickly and at a fair price?

You will want to find a reverse address look up directory website that has 5 qualities:

  1. Easy to use website; simple to navigate through
  2. Offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  3. Offers customer support and FAQ area
  4. Charges a one-time fee for the service
  5. Offers extra features like advanced people searches
Keep in mind that there is no free reverse cell phone directory available. Your cell phone number, unlike your home landline telephone number, is considered private. The upside to not having a free reverse cell phone directory is that you do not receive annoying telemarketer calls and very few unwanted calls on your mobile phone.

Companies that compile a cell phone directory invest a great deal of time, effort and resources because the information has to be manually compiled, organized and maintained. So since there is a cost involved in assembling a database with hundreds of millions of cell phone numbers, no provider can offer the service for free.

For a side-by-side comparison chart of top reverse address look up directories, see the end of this article for the link.

STEP 3  -  Type the phone number into the directory's website and click Search!

It couldn't get more simple than this! After you pick a provider's directory online, you simply need to enter the phone number on the provider's home page. The database will begin to search for that phone number. Within seconds you will see a screen indicating that your reverse address look up was successful and that there is a report available with address and name information.

After you pay the nominal fee, you will have immediate access to your reverse address look up report. You will likely also have an option of making your cell phone number information hidden from other people who access the databases. It is a great way to make your personal information private. This fee is normally around $5 and, of course, is completely optional.

And while in the directory website, you can even choose to run searches by email, address, name, as well as search out divorce records, marriage records, death records, criminal records and more!

So that's it. Follow these three easy steps for a successful reverse address lookup search.

To see a side-by-side comparison of top reverse phone number look up directories, including full reviews, see the Reverse Phone Reviews HERE [].

For More Tips and Tidbits on Reverse Phone Lookups and Detailed People Searches, Visit []

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